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Fields & Directions


Plainedge Park TOB - Travel Code PPS & PPL

Seaford Oyster Bay RT 135 exit 6 to Boundary Ave EAST.
Take Boundary East 3 Blocks to North Central Drive.
Turn right on Central and field is 2 blocks down on the right.
Turn right on North Idaho Avenue and enter complex.

Address for the park is 314 North Idaho Avenue, North Massapequa



Practice space continues to be extremely tight this season due to increased enrollment and lack of field space.


Intramural teams may practice at Schwarting or Middle School if no other sports clubs are present holding field permits, or at one of our towns “pocket playground fields”.


Here is a list of some “pocket playground” parks and schools that can accommodate your teams:

            Plainedge Park – NO practices
            Amherst Road Park - tucked in between Hicksville Road and East Plain.

            Ludwig Park – tucked in behind Carvel off Hicksville Road.

            Margaret Road Park – Tucked in between Hicksville Road and East Plain.

            Elizabeth Road Park – Off Boundary in behind John West.

            Hunter Ridge and Pine St Park – Off Hicksville Road in towards High School.

North Rosemary Park – One block in from Iowa baseball field. (Munchkin only).

Schwarting Elementary School – Use the baseball outfield and front lawn.



Remember that all four divisions are instructional. Large field areas are not needed to reinforce and practice basic skills of ball handling, dribbling, passing and shooting.


Please cooperate and share field space with other coaches if we have multiple teams at the same field at the same time.


Also, we may NEVER use any field that is being used by a School Athletic Team.